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SERVICES - Multi Service Packages

Topsham Communications, LLC offers phone, internet and digital televisions service.  

To establish service, we require:

    - Complete and return to us the Application for Service
    - Must have a valid 911 service address
    - Establish a CPNI password for your account  (New FCC regulation)
    - Provide security deposit or two credit references

Pay a security deposit  or 2 written credit references from former utilities

References can be sent via: 


Fax: 802-439-5600


Mailed to    Topsham Communications 

                 P.O. Box 1075

                 East Corinth, VT 05040

(Deposit held for 12 months of on-time consecutive payments then returned to your account as a payment. Interest rate mandated by the Public Service Board)  

Billing Cycle runs from the  26th of one month to the 25th of the next.  Customer are billed one month in advance and payments are due by the 15th of each month.  When you establish service, you will be prorated at a daily rate until the next billing, as well as, billed for the upcoming month of service.

If service has not been at your location prior, then contact the office for and estimate to extend service to your property.

Phone Service 

Phone service is Voice over Internet Protocol.  Phone service is  bundles with internet and or television service.  All phone plans come with unlimited local and long distance calls, calls to Canada, caller id with name, call waiting and three way calling.


$30.00 per month per phone line 


Prices above do not include surcharges, taxes, International and 411 Calls 

High Speed Internet 

Internet is fiber to the home and is the best and fastest connection around. 

See our INTERNET page for speeds and pricing 

Multi Service Discount 

We have moved away from bundles with set speeds and tv programming.  Encouraging our customers to choose the services that fit best for them.  With each additional service added to your account you maybe eligible for discounts up to $10.00 off per month.

Subscribe to 2 services  (from Phone and or Internet) and receive a discount of $10.00 per month

Please note : Discounts are a monthly credit to account.  In order to maintain discount, bill must be paid on a timely basis.  Prices are subject to change with a 30 day notice.  Service fees may apply.  If service(s) are disconnected for nonpayment then discount will no longer be valid.

Phone is not sold as stand-alone services, only stand-alone service is Internet.




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