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New Residential High Speed Internet



Download               Upload         Monthly Charge



1 Mbps                  256 Kbps               $29.99


5 Mbps                  2 Mbps                  $42.99


25 Mbps                4 Mbps                  $59.99


50 Mbps                4 Mbps                  $129.99


100 Mbps              25 Mbps                $179.99

Smart Rg Net Care Wireless Router $5.99 per month


*Add an additional $10.00 to make your current speed symmetrical.


The actual internet speed experienced may vary by location.

Speeds Experienced are up to advertised speeds.


Business High Speed Internet

25 Mbps download/ 25 Mbps upload $89.99

50 Mbps download/ 50 Mbps upload $159.99

100 Mbps download/ 100 Mbps upload $199.99

Smart Rg Net Care Wireless Router $5.99 per month 

                                                                       RESIDENTIAL                       BUSINESS          

Installation & Set Up Fee                            $100.00*                              $100.00*                       Service Order Fee                                         $10.00 *                               $10.00*                         Maintenance Fee                                       INCL. ABOVE                       INCL. ABOVE                     Reconnect Fee (per re-connection)            $45.00                                $45.00



 * Indicates one time set up fees.  


Customers can choose whether or not to use our email service.  Email accounts can be added to an existing mail client.  We do not support 3rd party mail clients.  

E-mail address: needs to be your full email address including

Server Information:

     Incoming mail server (POP3):

     Outgoing mail server (SMTP):

Log-In Information

User Name: is the first part of your email address before the @ symbol

Password: If you cannot remember your password call us for assistance.


Traveling or want to use multiple computers to check your email?

You can access your email by using our webmail site.


Go to

On the left hand side of the page click on magic mail or you can bookmark the login page: or Click 

To login, simply type in your full email address including (Ex.

Then type in your password and hit login. You are then in your web version mail where you can compose, send, receive and even create an address book. On the webmail site you can also adjust your spam settings.

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