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Welcome Letter 

Great to read to see what our billing cyle is and what is needed to open an account with Topsham Communications.  All applications are enclosed.  Please call us if you have any questions.


Porting Authorization

This form is for customers who would like to retain their current phone number.

You have a few options on getting us your application:


                                                                                          Fax to:      802-439-5600
                                                                                          E-Mail to:
                                                                                          Mail to :    Topsham Communications, LLC
                                                                                                             P.O. Box 1075
                                                                                                             East Corinth, VT 05040


  • To have all applications signed and filled out accordingly.

  • Payment for your 1st full billed month of the services you chose plus the $10.00 processing charge.  If you did not sign a 2 year agreement we will also need the installation charges along with the 1st full month and the $10.00 processing charge for TV , Internet and $25.00 for phone. 

  • If paying with a check please make payable to Topsham Communications.

  • If paying by Credit Card please fill out the Auto-pay form and mark if you would like to be put on monthly auto-pay or just a onetime charge.  We will not charge your credit card for the initial payment until the day of your installation. 

  • 2 credit references from current or previous utility companies that you have had service with for 12 months or more. They can fax those to us at 802-439-5600. If you cannot provide those you may do a $100.00 security deposit which we hold for 12 months and with consecutive on time payments it will be returned onto your account as a payment with interest.

  • Also the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is requiring that each account has a password.  Your password is referred to as a CPNI.  Your password has to be at least 4 charters long and can contain letters, numbers or combination of both.

Voice Mail Instructions 

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